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The G4YKB Longwire Multiband Antenna



The G4YKB Longwire is a longwire Antenna in name only, to be used with an ATU to enable fixed station operating with restricted space, or portable users access to all the HF bands and more. 

At only 66Feet in length being extremely compact it has been designed for the end user with limited space, it is reasonably covert with no T piece or traps to contend with therefore lends itself to installations in sensitive areas or where unsympathetic neighbours may be an issue. Ideally the wire element should be run in a straight line however where this is not possible it will function in a inverted V ,dog leg, inverted L or most other configurations to suit any particular situation and location.

In certain situations depending on height, configuration, ground type and surrounding obstacles you may find that an ATU is not needed on certain bands. 

The G4YKB Longwire is virtually plug and go, no tuning or trimming or adjusting is required, along with no requirement for a counterpoise or ground lead. It is of course essential that the station equipment has a good RF ground to allow the antenna to tune against earth. The G4KB Longwire comes complete with insulators,securing cord,full instructions and 2"/50mm pole clamp  plus enough self amalgamating tape to seal your coaxial connection


  • High impact weather proofed ABS box

  • Sealed against the elements and requires no adjustments

  • SO239 socket to take the popular PL259 plug connection

  • Achievable frequencies between 1.8 and 53 Mhz

  • Power levels of inputs of 400 + watts plus ssb are perfectly acceptable

  • TheG4YKB Longwire will tune on all the HF bands and more using an ATU (Rarely some automatic internal ATU's may not have sufficient inductance/capacitance to be able to tune all bands), in this situation an external ATU should be considered. However some cases you may find an ATU may not be needed at all. 

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