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The G4YKB VERTICAL Multiband Antenna



The G4YKB Vertical Multiband Antenna is a low cost budget aluminium antenna which when used in conjunction with an A.T.U. will tune from 3.5Mhz (80 metres) to 54 Mhz (6 metres)

The antenna is approximately 19 Feet long when extended to it's full operating length,but collapses to 54 inches for transporting to portable sites etc. Power handling is 400 watts+ connection is by PL259  and the mounting clamps provided will fit poles/masts up to 2 inches in diameter.

The vertical antenna can be mounted at height but where this is not possible or impractical it is useable closer to the ground.

All the antennas are tested prior to despatch at a height of approximately  11 feet above ground

Depending on location and height of the antenna an ATU may not be needed on all bands


  • Aluminium Radiating Element

  • Requires no further adjusting or trimming once assembled.

  • High impact weather proofed ABS transformer housing.

  • SO239 socket to take the popular PL259 plug connection

  • Achievable frequencies with ATU between 3.5 and 54 Mhz

  • Power level of inputs of 400 watts plus are perfectly acceptable

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