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The G4YKB Delta Loop antenna is a HF multi band antenna which  has been designed to be used in conjunction with an ATU to tune on all bands from 40 to 4 metres with an input up to 400 watts ssb

The Delta loop works on the magnetic loop principle which gives it a very high signal to noise ratio, background noise is significantly reduced and in some cases virtually eliminated when compared  to other multiband antennas..The Delta Loop has mainly omni directional properties so a rotator is not essential.

We have customers in the U.K. and Europe that are happy to give reports on the antennas performance, please enquire including your callsign for further details. 

The Delta Loop is supplied as a base station antenna however by replacing the securing straps with re-usable ones (these are available on the internet)  or you could use small U bolts being careful not to overtighten them which could crush the fibreglass it would  make a practical antenna  for working HF portable.  

A small amount of simple assembly is required, full instructions are supplied and no specialist tools are required, average assembly time from unpacking to being on air is around 10 to 15 minutes.

Connection to the Delta Loop Antenna is by PL259

Please note we do carry a small stock of the Delta Loop but due to the high demand when stocks are depleted we may have to build to order which can mean a maximum of 7 -10 day delivery, You will be kept informed of the intended dispatch and delivery date at all stages. For general specifications please see the data listing.

G4YKB Delta Loop Antenna

SKU: 18X12D
    • Loop is a Delta ( inverted triangle)
    • Loop is supported by 2 telescopic fibre glass rods
    • Length of each rod is approximately 11 Feet
    • Width of top span approximately 11 Feet
    • Connection is by PL259
    • Input tested up to 400 watts SSB
    • Antenna is mainly  Omni-directional
    • Back plate is 5mm opaque cast acrylic sheet
    • Mounting clamps supplied are 50mm
    • There are no serviceable or adjustable parts in the transformer  housing box and all components are potted




    The unit is assembled in such a way that opening or attempting to open the housing will cause irreversible damage the windings of the transformer

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