Due to popular demand from our international customers who have a much higher power alocation than us in the U.K. we have developed a High Power version of the Delta Loop. The Hi power version is currently in use in Germany,Denmark,Finland and Switzerland. 
The High Power Delta loop is the same  dimensions and has the same bands coverage 4 to 40 metres as the standard 400 watt model but with an upgraded RF transformer and modified wiring to enable an input of up to 1KW SSB.
The Photo is a High Power Delta Loop under construction
The High Power model is readily available and made to order with an expected delivery time of 7 to 10 days or less.
Delivery to Europe and ROW is by D.P.D. international fully tracked, shipping costs vary to different countries please inquire for  delivery costs to your country. Please note import charges may apply to countries outside the E.U. these charges are not included.      

High Power 1KW Delta Loop


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