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Lars Ole Pedersen
Jul 12, 2019
In reviews
Just some comments from Denmark. 6 months ago I found Howard´s website and order a Deltaloop. I live in a big city (87.000) in Jutland with a lot of noice - but when I installed the antenna the noice was very reduced and I found out that compared to a normal dipol the deltaloop is very effective on 10, 14, 18 and 28 Mhz. I have also a summer cuttage in Sealand were I had a 7 band COOBWEB unfortunately not so good with >= 500 watt - therefore I ask Howard if there was a HighPower version of the Deltaloop. Howard was very kind to ship at perversion of a HighPower version of the DeltaLoop. I have now tested the version with about 600 watt and it handles the power with no problems. It is just as effective on the same band. During the last 8 days I have worked so many connections on FT8. I can realy recomend Ham´s with limited space the Deltaloop It is very handy and takes not much space. All the best wishes to Howard and to the WebShop. Vy de 73 OZ5VO Lars Ole Pedersen DK-8700 Horsens Denmark
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Lars Ole Pedersen

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