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Oct 26, 2021
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Ordered a Delta Loop from Howard. Although showing out of stock it was delivered within 7 days and when it arrived it almost took longer to unpack than put it up! Very good quality packing with no damage likely to be sustained in transit. The quality of the Delta Loop is very good and professional with good quality fibreglass poles. I have only used it once as my Shack is being decorated so had to put a 15-foot patch cable from the coax end in the house, to the 706 in the car on the drive so not the best installation. The first "tune" on 20 Meters and the SWR was 1.1 which given the temporary installation was brilliant. Went back to a Hungarian station and got a 5/8 so well pleased so far. Shack should be finished this weekend so will update when I have had a chance to play. The antenna is up at 20 feet at the bottom of the garden I am 394 ft ASL so very much looking forward to getting stuck in. Thanks, Howard. I have shown a couple of friends the antenna and they are looking at placing an order. I Will update when I get to use it properly. Reg.
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